Earthworks Park:

9 08 2010

This image, looking from darkness into an intensely lighted area ahead gives me a sense of looking into the future. A near future, a short-term future. But there is the sense that that future 4 minutes down the path will be of a different mood than the immediate present.

This photo was taken during a walk through Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks Park, in Kent, Washington.

The park is loosely attached to the senior center where Bob is teaching fencing, and while he and the group fence, I walk. And look. And touch and smell and hear and perhaps even taste, but being me, I mostly look.

Beside the senior center I encounter its landscaping. Not quite planned enough for me to think of it as a garden. A bank of lilies is in bloom. As ubiquitous as the Connecticut King Arthur yellow day lily, I am not sure if these orange/red double petaled lilies have a name of their own.

Then the hydrangea. I am used to the big blue or pinkish balls, so this kind always strikes me as exotic.

Rosa Rugosa, this is the kind with the dark marks on the petals, that I expect to see growing by the sea. The petals recently unpacked from the bud look they are the blouse of some traveler who threw them into the suitcase too carelessly.

Intriguing pods. These are massed much like the lilys. I think they are some kind of Iris. I think I will harvest a few for my own garden after they ripen.

A walk now past a field edged with woods, swallows swoop through it, flying to fast for me to catch in a photo. I think they are scooping up the evening insects.

Across the road, which seems an intrusion, and into the Earthworks Park itself. A domed mound wants me to climb it. What will the world look like from on top?